-18°C in the core in one hour

In 60's the word of bakery has began to understand the importance of the blast freezing phase in the production’s process.
In those years we were already producing shock freezers for baked bread, pastries and for the hardening of ice cream.
With the evolution of our technology we have extended the process to various types of products:
-cooked and precooked bread
-uncooked bread
-uncooked croissants
-uncooked pastry
-fresh pastry
-ice cream cakes
-pizza, etc.

The experience gained in 50 years and countless tests applied to each individual product, in different production companies, have enabled us to design highly professional blast freezer suitable for any specific purpose.
Particular attention was paid to the speed in witch is reached the temperature of -18 °C in the core of the product while are respected the values of relative humidity.
We designed new evaporators with fin spacing of 10/12mm, refrigeration units with high performance Bitzer compressors to offer professional security and too guarantee an optimal freezing in all environmental conditions.
The productivity of our machines is expressed by kg/h , while freezers proposed in the catering and gastronomy sector indicate cycles that last 2 or 3 hours.
Our freezers play 3 different functions: blast chilling, blast freezer and storage.



Modular structure composed by removable insulated panels with polyurethane foam 100mm thick, inner covering in stainless steel

The floor is composed by insulated panels as the structure, 100mm thick and is reinforced by multilayer wood 15mm thick, coated with 2mm of anti-slip stainless steel.
Moreover is equipped by basin edging in order to contain the condensation that can be easily cleaned.

The buffer doors feature industrial hinges and latches on three point, interchangeable gaskets in silicone rubber and heating elements on the jambs to prevent condensation.


The evaporators has been specially designed with fin pitch of 10/12 mm.
It guarantee up to 12 hours of continuous use without defrosting.
The ventilation group is on three levels, placed in a stainless steel carter and equipped by control valves in order to keep the relative humidity constant during the freezing.
The defrosting is made by hot gas.

Cooling unit

The condensing units are designed to work in all environmental conditions, also at temperatures above 45°C;
They are composed of of a high-performance BITZER compressor and a large surface condenser with fans modulated by inverter.
Moreover the cooling unit provides every security devices for the control and management.

Control panel

It’s made strictly according to CEI and UL regulations, provides all safety devices and actuators with an easy mapping for the control of all the functions and utilities and guarantee an easy maintenance.

Electronic control

DIGITH SUR It provides controls by touch screen, is the most advanced version of the controller for blast chillers’ management,
It enables a fully automatic or manual management of work cycles.

-positive and negative blasting with time priority.
-positive and negative blasting with priority of product’s heart temperatures with probe. Conservation;
-Manual functions in semi-automatic programs.
-20 storable programs
It provides a buffered memory of the program in case of blackout.