+40°C/ r.h. 90%



Leavening phase has assumed always more importance in the modern bakery.
The need to have a constant final product quality and to obtain the precision of the rising times increase.
(The bakers begins to take advantage from this technology to obtain a constant quality of the final product and the precision of the rising time.
Moreover they get the possibility to have a greater rotation of the products and improve the management of their cooking phases optimizing the organization of production in its own laboratory .
Finally a perfect leavening allows to calibrate the quantity of ingredients, especially yeast , lowering the costs of the product and the organoleptic quality of the final product .
The constructive professionalism , reliability and simplicity are the main qualities of our prover which is designed to follow these principles :

- fast cooling to the heart of the product
- balance between the plants’ power and the sweetness and progressiveness of the air distribution
- temperatures’ uniformity recorded at each part of the room
- thermal precision of 1°C and humidity of 1, 5%
- machine’s customization with dedicated projects
- high reliability and ease of maintenance .



We gave a special attention in our technical evolution of proving to save the consumption of energy, so we introduced the new Ecotech project that use the hot water already provided by the hydraulic system of the laboratory.

Costructive critera

modular structure and removable insulated panels with polyurethane foam 70mm thick, inner covering/facing in stainless steel.


3 solutions for the floor: 
• without floor using the floor of the laboratory
• multilayer phenolic resin 30mm, anti-moisture, anti-slip
• insulated floor as structure 70mm, reinforced with multilayer 15mm and covered with stainless steel sheet of 2mm anti-slip.
Buffer doors with industrial hinges and latches, interchangeable gaskets in silicone rubber.

Ventilated group and air distribution

Ventilation unit is composed by big capacity and low speed axial fans.
It guarantee every hour 80 changes.
The design of the inner carter is studied to maintain a perfect balance between the area of air movement and the area where the carts are pleaced. This allows a large volume of air to be moved and distributed at low speed, in a constant and uniform way.


Stainless steel finned and coated heating units are installed within the air plenum.

Ecotech : The heat group exchanger works by water in copper pipe and aluminum fins.
It’s equipped with a proportional valve for the regulation of the water flow.


The humidification unit is designed in two different types:
-FASTEAM: through a quick evaporation of water, using electrical resistance. it guarantees a production 1.5 /2.5 kg/h of moisture.
-EASYSTEAM: it works with electrodes immersed in the water. It guarantees the instantaneous production of 3/6 kg/h of moisture.

Electronic control

Minilev is a professional control system to manage humidity and temperature, is equipped with manually adjustable functions :
• 1 step of temperature with control in neutral zone
• 1 step of controlled humidity
It provides a multi-timer to time cycles of different carts.