1963 (first generation) Giovanni Vesco founded Thermofrigor and start to produce cooling machines for bakery and pastry; began the first project of retarder proover and blast freezer.

1976 Thermofrigor obtained a great national success and the market was organized with many distributors.

1985 (second generation) Giovanni’s sons, Diego e Ornella, with the experience and the passion handed down by their father, continuing the Thermofrigor's history, developed new technologies and invest in foreign markets introducing the new brand Thermogel.

1990 Diego and Ornella introduced new machines with electronic controls, improved the technology of retarder prover and blast freezer following the new trends of the market like prebaked bread and blast chilling.

1994 Thermogel is now a successful brand in latin america and south east asia markets and moved the company in a bigger new plant introducing new modern production system.

2001 Thermogel, after big development of production , confirmed his leadership suppling important bakery industries like Sammontana, Bimbo, Chipita, Carrefour, Recondo, Gusten, Casalini.

2007 Thermogel is a company internationaly known, and exports in more than 30 countries all over the world: Europe, Asia, North America, South America,Oceania.

2011 (third generation) Riccardo and Matteo, following the same passion of family, joined the company and activate a process of modernization and structural organization to better address market changes: Thermogel become the commercial brand founding the new company Thermobake s.r.l.