The deep knowledge of bread making, raw materials, physico-chemical dynamics, as well as the organizational issues of the process, have allowed us to develop our technology of refrigeration and air conditioning, in respect of product quality.
Our project of leavening aims to provide the baker a professional tool to manage the rising, with programmable times, while maintaining the original quality of the dough and improving the organization of the workshop and sales.
The constructive professionalism, reliability and simplicity are the main qualities of our retarder prover which is designed to follow the principles:

- fast cooling to the heart of the product
- balance between the plants' power and the sweetness and progressiveness of the air distribution
- temperatures' uniformity recorded in each part of the room
- thermal precision of 1°C and humidity of 1,5%
- machine's customization with dedicated projects
- high reliability and ease of maintenance.

Spring -10°C/+40°C

Retarder proving + final proving


Spring series designed for laboratories that want at a certain time leavened bread and ready for cooking, then use the retarder prover room for the final proofing of another product.

Sweet -10°C/+25°C

Retarder proving + natural proving


Sweet series designed for people who organizes the production with the baking phase distributed in the day; doughs are naturally leavened and maintained for a long time.
It is obtained by this process, the freshly baked bread every hour of the day.


modular structure and removable insulated panels with polyurethane foam 70mm thick, inner covering/facing in stainless steel.

insulated floor 70mm reinforced by multilayer wood 15mm thick, coated with 2mm of anti-slip stainless steel.
Otherwise we designed a floor composed by a 30mm phenolic plywood sheet, that is anti-slip and anti-moisture.
Buffer doors with industrial hinges and latches, interchangeable gaskets in silicone rubber.



Cooling system

High-performance systems for rapid cooling to the product's heart in any environmental condition and outdoor temperatures up to 45°C.
Relative humidity is maintained at an optimal level, in respect of the product's surface and and without formations of dehydratating.

Air distribution and heating

The design of the inner carter is studied to maintain a perfect balance between the area of air movement and the area where the carts are pleaced. This allows a large volume of air to be moved and distributed at low speed, in a constant and uniform way.
Stainless steel finned and coated heating units are installed within the air plenum.


The humidification unit is designed in two different types:

-FASTEAM: through a quick evaporation of water, using electrical resistance. it guarantees a production 1.5 /2.5 kg/h of moisture.
-EASYSTEAM: it works with electrodes immersed in the water. It guarantees the instantaneous production of 3/6 kg/h of moisture.

Electronic control

It is a professional system for the prover's management. It has 7 independent programs and 3 manual functions.Each program controls the following functions:

• reduction and fermentation lock
• prefermentation
• rising in 3 step
• firing delay
• conditioning management of temperatures and relative humidity by probe and proportional reading ,it provides a buffered memory of the program in case of blackout.


Professional schedule PLC complete of functions regulated:
• 1 step of temperature
• 1 step of controlled humidifier