holding cabinets with positive (+0°C/+8°C) and negative temperature (-20°C)

The storage of the products is a core function in the production process.
The inefficient management of this phase affect the quality of the final product, increase waste, reduces the profit of the sales and slow down any form of evolution.

Thermobake designed industrial and professional machines for this purpose.
Our machines ensure the respect of the temperatures in any circumstance , even with high loads, and keep constant the values ​​of environmental and products’ relative humidity.
Thermogel storage cabinets works both in negative temperature (-25 °C mod.BT) and in positive temperature (-2°/+8°C mod.TN), are made with removable and modular structures, and are equipped by adjustable guides for the trays.
The cabinets have been specifically studied for the following product types :

- fresh pastries
- frozen pastry
- cakes with ice cream or frozen desserts
- cream and desserts
- frozen bread
- chocolate praline
- frozen pizza
etc. .

Costructive critera

modular structure and removable insulated panels with high density polyurethane thickness of 100mm for the BT series, 70mm for the TN series.
The covering is made in stainless steel AISI 304.

The floor is composed by insulated panels as the structure.Moreover is equipped by basin edging in order to contain the condensation that can be easily cleaned.

The buffer doors feature industrial hinges and latches on three point, interchangeable gaskets in silicone rubber and heating elements on the doors jambs of BT series to prevent condensation.

Cooling system and control panel


The condensing units are designed to work in all environmental conditions, also at temperatures above 45°C.
The units can be remotized and are provided with condenser fans modulated by inverter.
The relative humidity in the cabinet is maintained at the optimal level to respect the product and avoid condensations and drying.


It’s made strictly according to CEI and UL regulations, provides all safety devices and actuators with an easy mapping for the control of all the functions and utilities and guarantee an easy maintenance.

Electronic control

DIGITH COLD It’s a microprocessor control board with programs for the following functions:
-continuous cooling in positive and negative temperatures with priority of times;
-storage set 
-program for adjustable defrosting phases
-malfunction alarms: open door, thermal compressor, defaults set etc.
It provides a buffered memory of the program in case of blackout.